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Monday, February 24, 2014

Photo Dump

Ok...I am done doing updates for now. So here are some of the pictures from the last few months taken from my phone.  Will try and update more frequently.

Uncle Cade

Cade came into town for business and we were able to spend the day with him.  Wish that he lived closer so that he could know Ella and Maddox better.


Christmas was at our house this year.  It was fairly low key but, we did a lot more this year as far as decorating the inside.  Slowly, we are building our family tradition.  

Ella had a great Santa picture this year.  The first Santa we went to was a no go and she shut down completely.  The second Santa (shown) is the one my mom told me about.  She did really well with him.


This post actually goes with Halloween but, we got a cat :) We are so happy to have a family pet again.  We were hesitant because of the issues we had with Hobbes and then not having enough time for Sylvie.  Sylvie was fortunate enough to be saved by my mom and dad and is spoiled rotten by them.  We love that we get to see her anytime we want but, understand now that we probably aren't supposed to have a least not for awhile.  

We named our very furry, very loud, very affectionate cat Simba.  He's been a perfect addition to our family.  I am a bit sad because we were told he was three months.  He is quite obviously older than three months.  Regardless, we love him and are happy to have him as part of the family.

Snow...well sort of

We took a quick trip to Pinetop and took Maddox with us.  There was only a tiny bit of snow but, enough that the kids could sled.  


It seems as if we're making it a tradition to host Thanksgiving at our house.  There are pro's and con's to this.  I love to have family over but, sometimes it can be a bit stressful.  Perhaps we'll make our way to Pinetop this year.


Our Halloween was pretty exciting as my dad was air-vaced to the valley.  He had an obstruction and was in the hospital a couple of days.  My mom stayed with us and unfortunately got really sick :( 

Ella was Mulan for Halloween this year, we made it even further around the neighborhood than last year.