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Monday, February 23, 2015

February -

This month has just gone by way too quickly.  This month started my return from maternity leave and Ella back at daycare.  It's odd being back at work and I really am missing being at home with both kids all day.  Ella was going stir crazy and so it really is best that she's back.  Our little chunk is doing well adjusting to daycare - got sick his first week but has done well since.  

Parents are settled for the time being at our house and it is really just nice having them here.  They're a huge help around the house and in general it's just nice having my mom right there with me :) I like that Ella and Cohen get to see them everyday and watch these beautiful babies grow.  Devin and I are still sad that they're choosing to move into an apartment in Mesa.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1 year later...

One year later and I'm back - Seriously, my last post was almost exactly a year ago.  really no one reads this but my mom....hi mom...and she already knows what's happened in the last year.  I however plan on doing a better job this year.  I figure I'll post and then try and remember something from the year prior to update things as I go.  So this is my welcome back post.  Biggest thing that has happened in our little family is the birth of our incredibly adorable son.  Cohen joined our family December 18, 2014 and we are very much in love with this final addition to our family.  

Stay tuned for more posts :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Photo Dump

Ok...I am done doing updates for now. So here are some of the pictures from the last few months taken from my phone.  Will try and update more frequently.

Uncle Cade

Cade came into town for business and we were able to spend the day with him.  Wish that he lived closer so that he could know Ella and Maddox better.


Christmas was at our house this year.  It was fairly low key but, we did a lot more this year as far as decorating the inside.  Slowly, we are building our family tradition.  

Ella had a great Santa picture this year.  The first Santa we went to was a no go and she shut down completely.  The second Santa (shown) is the one my mom told me about.  She did really well with him.


This post actually goes with Halloween but, we got a cat :) We are so happy to have a family pet again.  We were hesitant because of the issues we had with Hobbes and then not having enough time for Sylvie.  Sylvie was fortunate enough to be saved by my mom and dad and is spoiled rotten by them.  We love that we get to see her anytime we want but, understand now that we probably aren't supposed to have a least not for awhile.  

We named our very furry, very loud, very affectionate cat Simba.  He's been a perfect addition to our family.  I am a bit sad because we were told he was three months.  He is quite obviously older than three months.  Regardless, we love him and are happy to have him as part of the family.

Snow...well sort of

We took a quick trip to Pinetop and took Maddox with us.  There was only a tiny bit of snow but, enough that the kids could sled.